Not Solved [General] A few questions after initial installation
Not Solved

I installed MyBB via AWS Marketplace in this link: MyBB Certified by Bitnami. I installed it via "Launch through EC2" option. It created a new EC2 instance and the forum seem to be working. But I have a few questions:

1) Is what I did a good way to install MyBB? What is Bitnami? How is it different from launching my own EC2 instance, installing Ubuntu and then installing LAMP+MyBB? Why is it free doing the installation via the Bitnami process? What do they(Bitnami) earn from it?

2) Now I have a forum, awesome, but! I want to integrate it in my website, I want it to appear under forums on WordPress:
[Image: OfszuEP.jpg]

I want that after I click the forums, it will show up as something like that (Edited using Paint.. Big Grin )

[Image: AVSIfQI.jpg]

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