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Not Solved Is it possible to switch from MySQL to PostgreSQL?
Not Solved
Would it be possible to take a MyBB install on MySQL and switch over to PostgreSQL later on? What's the migration process like for anyone whose done this?
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There is no issue to switch over to PostgreSQL database engine.
The migration process only needs an export of the current database and the re-import to PostgreSQL. After that make the change to the config file and set the new database type:

$config['database']['type'] = 'postgresql';

Be carefull with database encoding (Latin, Unicode, UTF etc.) while exporting and importing.
When you're using UTF-8 at all, there should be no mismatch.

Further ensure the pgsql PHP module is enabled.

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I've had some success importing a database from MySQL into Postgres using pgloader before, but I did have to do some manual work afterwards. I've not tried it on a MyBB database before, but we don't use any particularly fancy features so it should work fairly well.
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Take care if you're using plugins: most of them (mines first) are developed only for MySQL and some queries can make errors
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