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[Enhancement] Ability to permanently delete plugins in the Admin Area
My Admin area can't be the only cultured with Plugins I no longer use, and whilst it may seem inconsequential, it would be great to have the ability to permanently delete them in the back end; not uninstall - actually remove the app from the site altogether, files and all

I know this can be done via the Files Folder at the host, but that is a pain and requires me to track the different folders that have been uploaded
This is difficult to do because there is no plugin skeleton/template.
The only way to do this will be to add somewhere in the plugin the referenced files, but when plugins use a shared library (as pluginlibrary), what have you to reference and when delete the files ?
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I don't know if it is the best, but WP approach to addons handling seems nice and would suffice IMO.

Edit: I won't be sure if this has been discussed internally or even publicly.
Yeah, the problem is that some plugins aren't just single files, but include folders with other files in that MyBB isn't aware of. The plan for the future is to allow plugins to be packaged as Composer packages, and while we work on that in 1.10 we'll likely be looking at some other structural changes for plugins to make managing them easier (eg: being able to upload a ZIP file from the ACP to install, being able to delete all files for a plugin, etc.).

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