Seeing the picture behind the table cells
I have the table spacing and inner border width set, and a picture in the #content behind the main page, and I would like to make it so you can see the picture between the table cells. How do I make the plain white transparent? Like this:
Thank you.
PS. I'd like to achieve that effect on a different theme.
1) Set a cell spacing:
<table ... border="0" cellspacing="5" ... >

2) Set a background image for your table...

2.1) Either inline:
<table ... cellspacing="5" ... style="background-image: url(./path/to/your/file.jpg);">

2.2) Or via CSS class:
<table ... cellspacing="5" ... class="... my_background">

.my_background { background-image: url(./path/to/your/file.jpg); }

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