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Not quite sure if this goes where but if not please be moved to another subforum.

When you share a link of a thread on social media or other mediums like discord/chats etc an embed is created. As far as I know, the values of the card depends of you OG metadata, such as OG:TITLE or OG:IMAGE. And if you want a general description yo can put a OGBig GrinESCRIPTION. But, what for a dynamic description?

Has mybb any variable to contain the text of the first post or the text of the message from the post cited? 

[Image: BR8CIlV.png]

The extension to create discords embeds has this 
[Image: vZ0YzWL.png]

But I'm not quite sure how to make this "manually" for the metadata on the showthread template.

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