Solved: 3 Years, 1 Week ago MySQL Error :Unable to select database
Solved: 3 Years, 1 Week ago
Today I installed an updated wampserver. You know with latest version of php and all.

When I uploaded all my files to localhost. Its keep saying unable to select database. Yes, I have uploaded the correct inc/config.php and in/settings.php, infact I have previously saved these two files specifically for loaclhost purposes in my home computer. I have done this hundreds of times never faced any issue.

I have created the database through phpmyadmin under the name mybb (utf8_general_ci)

Here is my config file settings: type -mysqli, database-mybb, table_prefix- mybb_, hostname-localhost, username-root, password-''(which is empty).

I don't know what I am doing wrong here.
Solved: 3 Years, 1 Week ago
can you create another user (eg. admin) for the database, add the privileges & try using that user ..
Solved: 3 Years, 1 Week ago
Okay, so I created another user as you said 'admin' with password '123'.

Now its saying error 1045. I tried to login through phpmyadmin after seeing this via new username and password. And its working just fine there.

Solved it.

As I mentioned earlier. I am using the latest Wampserver. So, in this version by default the database is selected as MariaDb and not MySQL like the previous versions.

Once I put my 'mybb' database in Maraidb and dropped the database in mysql. Everything started to run smoothly. Thanks for the support though.

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