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Links mod
The links mod uses the old navigation instead of the new breadcrumb system.

It also doesn't use the same system as the download mod to check that you have a catagiory before adding a link. Can this feature be added sometime in the future??

(as well as updating the pack, can you tell me how to fix the breadcrumb system cause I dont want to download and install the pack again)
The links mod does use the new navigation system as I remember implementing it a couple of nights ago. I think you'll just have to download the package again, delete the previous templates and run the new templateinstall.php file.
hmm, perhaps the files wern't uploaded properly cause I downloaded when it said RC4 Toungue

Edit: The files didn't upload properly, the system is not updated, its using the old Home >> Links navigation.
I always upload the new files before marking them as RC4 compatible. Confused

Anyhow, I've attached two files. Please download both and then upload the links.php file to your forums root directory, overwriting any previous files. Then, once again delete all your links template and run the attached modinstall.php file.

Those are the files from the new download package and should work.

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yup, well, its working fine now. Thanks for the files.

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