Not Solved How to change email at bottom of forum?
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Hi everyone,

At the bottom of my page (, there is a "Contact Us" hyperlink that goes to an email address. I want to change the email address. I am having trouble finding the location of the code for it on templates. Does anyone know which template has it?

Thanks so much. You guys are the best!
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In AdminCP have a look at the Footer Templates.
Otherwise check the configuration for "Enable Contact Page" in "Contact Settings".

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In Footer Templates, here is the code: 

<a href="{$mybb->settings['contactlink']}">{$lang->bottomlinks_contactus}</a>

How do I get to settings, contact link, or bottom links_conctactus?

Where is "Contact Settings"?
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Home » Board Settings » Site Details and change Contact Us Link
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Thanks for the idea.

It was actually Configuration > General Configuration > Contact Us Link.

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