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I decided to design and edit style. For first step what i have to do? liteblue

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Do a style in Photoshop.
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If you want to crack into designing, I would recommend to start with the Style and Template editor in ACP.

First take some basic elements to play with - such as:
- titles (.thead)
- footers (.tfoot)
- body
- links (a)
- major blocks (.trow1, .trow2, .trow_sep)
- input elements (input, textarea, select)

To get started, play around with the CSS standard definitions. Modifiy colors, backgrounds, text, borders, paddings and such definitions.

When using a browser with onboard development tools (e.g. Firefox), open the Web Developer Tools and edit CSS on runtime and see your changes immediately. That's best practise to step in.

I am sure you'll quickly learn and enhance your skills.

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(2020-01-28, 06:40 AM)meetdilip Wrote: Do a style in Photoshop.
Or design first using pen and paper Wink
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I normally take a screenshot of my forum home page and then try different things through GIMP. All you have to do is to save the progress once a while. Once you got what you like, it is coding. You can either do it yourself or take help. But you already have your theme.

This works great if you are making changes to colours and similar CSS properties.

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