Not Solved RC-4 skins
Not Solved
:suprised: After promising forever... i have finally completed the conversion of Visions, Visions2 and the CS1 skins. Smile

The long task is now done... thank Only thing left to do is browser test and tweak/fix any errors found. For this i will be setting up a live online board on my space as all skins were converted on localhost.

Be patient please... the browser and error checking is for all the good. I just hope Musicalmidget has a little time to give me a hand... Wink

I know your a busy man MM... i only thought of you cause you helped me out checking the others. If you dont have time.. holler and i will go forward. Thanks.

As for the future... i have 2 new skins in the works... Vivid Reality and Visions3. These skins should be released about a week after getting the 5 other skin conversions in the database. I will keep everyone updated and announce in this thread when they are released.

Not Solved
Sure, I'll give you a hand.

I have a few things of my own to be working on, but nothing too demanding. Just drop me a message when you need me. Smile

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