[For 1.8] Add favicon to your forum. ico provided, FA 4&5 favicon generator links (reposted)
Simple solution for those who have asked or are planning to ask how to add a favicon to their forum.

Add to headerinclude:

<!-- Add Favicon -->

<link rel="Shortcut icon" href="{$theme['imgdir']}/favicon.ico" />

Download Upload.zip below and extract it and there is a folder called images with an icon called favicon-comments.ico & favicon.ico...., put one of those images in your forums images or themes directory depending on how you linked it in header include.

example: yourforum/images/favicon.ico

If you want a different favicon and don't have the ability to make one yourself, you could always try something simple like:

https://paulferrett.com/fontawesome-favicon/  * to generate say a font-awesome 4.7 based favicon ** Note no longer as it re-directs to the FA5 generator now

And you would modify the headerinclude to reflect the icon name change for example:

<!-- Add Favicon -->

<link rel="Shortcut icon" href="{$theme['imgdir']}/favicon-comments.ico" />

Or use: https://gauger.io/fonticon/ for creating fontawesome 5 favicons with the ability to layer!

And that option keeps the image name as favicon.ico  so this would still work without modification in headerinclude:

<!-- Add Favicon -->

<link rel="Shortcut icon" href="{$theme['imgdir']}/favicon.ico" />

Note: FYI, the reason linking the favicon in the theme is better than just dropping a favicon into root directory is that with linking it in the theme you can have theme specific favicons.

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