Welcome Panel
Current Version: 0.3.0.

Install, Upgrade, Change Log, and Copyright:
Find attached to this post, a file called ReadMe.txt. This will explain how to install/upgrade, what changes made each version were, and what you can and can't do with this mod.

Coming soon:
* An upgrade script that deletes the old values then adds the new ones.
* More suggestions needed....... (doesn't have to be a big one)

* If you find one, please report them here as soon as you can.

* http://www.mybbmods.com/view.php?did=39
Great mod, is there any way to make it so that this can be called in the header template so that it can be constant on every page and not just the index (I hate limiting myself)?

I think changes need to be made to global.php
Call me The_Ripper, or if you like, Jack the knife....
ok, I'll its on my list to make a Welcome Panel [Global] now. It might be a week or two though, I have other things to do first.
ok The_Altered1. Welcome Panel [Global] is up at *cough* MyBB Planet *cough* cause it allows uploads from Mandrake by allowing me FTP access. sorry MM
And why doesn't a file upload box work for you?
We're not sure, but I'm still looking for a fix. :neautral:

If you'd like to update the file here too, feel free to email me at the same address as last time. Wink
Yeah, its very odd, it just keep saying its the wrong type (not a zip) even though it is. The same file works fine on Windows. But its too much of a hassle to transfer over just for updates and stuff.

Email on its way MM.

Edit: Emails sent MM, with two updated versions and Welcome Panel [Global]. This thread will continue to be a help thread for both Welcome Panel downloads.
Thanks. I'll upload the new files before I go to bed. Smile
Fantastic, thanks for the great work!
Call me The_Ripper, or if you like, Jack the knife....
I have a slight problem with it. I installed it and it did work at first. But then i had to change the url (url only not the webhost or anything) cause the name of the company was pre-existing. So after i did so the welcome panel dissapeared but all my other changes like the quick quote button were still there. So i went and reinstalled it. I saw that the changes in the index.php were still there (obviously) and even the changes in the templates were there. So i thought i need to reinstall it with the install.php but even after trying it over, the panel didnt come back. I even re-pasted (re did) all the changes in the index.php and the templates and then ran the install.php but still it aint working.
Please help.

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