Not Solved Threaded mode - limiting post width (when raw image posted)
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Threaded Mode - issue when someone copies and pastes an image.

When a user copies and pastes an image, you end up with the raw image file in the post.  If the view is Threaded, the post becomes so wide that you can't access the buttons on the right hand side.

The only work around that I've found is to switch to Linear mode.  In Linear mode, the width of the post is limited and the buttons are visible and the raw data can be deleted or edited out.

Is there a way to set the maximum width of a post in Threaded mode so that it emulates the behavior of Linear mode?

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can we have a test url ..

you can add max width property to .post_body or .post_content in global.css stylesheet of the theme
.post_body {max-width: 1000px;}

Edit: another method
.post_body {word-break: break-all;}
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Thanks very much.  I've used the first method suggested and it does what I hoped for.

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