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Not Solved Please i need an urgent help on mybb index
Not Solved
please how can i make my index page to have pagination like this forum or
Not Solved
portal template is modified to show required content [example]

[MyBB Templates system guidance]

see also this portal related plugin => OUGC Show In Portal

portal page can be set as the home page by using this .htaccess method
Not Solved
wow thanks...
let me go and try it out.
I will comment if it work.
Not Solved
plz is there any way i can add pagination to the index page or just like the portal page own
Not Solved
Pagination to the Index page?
The board software is only made to display all forums and categories in sorted sequence with no breaks/cut-offs.

It takes a bunch of code changes to limit the forum count and create a new pagination for the index page.

Ehh, you really can't compare the forum list on index with the thread list on portal.

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Not Solved
but is there any way i can achieve that

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