Not Solved DVZ Shoutbox not working
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I have a issue with DVZ Shoutbox,

When i send a message in the shoutbox it say :

It redirect me to this page

File not found.

Thanks for any help
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assuming that you are trying to use original dvz shoutbox plugin
if you are using a free web host then probably they block shoutbox related actions & show error page.

check latest entries in server error log - they might have a clue for the error.

it would be better to contact your web host support & get the cause for that error.
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AH01071: Got error 'Primary script unknown\n', referer:

[11/Feb/2020:14:13:56 +0100] - GET /action_page.php HTTP/1.1 404 16 ""
[11/Feb/2020:14:13:55 +0100] - GET /xmlhttp.php?action=dvz_sb_get_updates&first=1&last=2 HTTP/1.1 ?action=dvz_sb_get_updates&first=1&last=2 200 -

Thats the error i get i think
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Any idea? :/
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if you have rewrite rules then there could be a problem with it. try checking / removing rewrite rules file.

looks like error is related to the web server (vps). can you reboot the server & check if it helps ..

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