Not Solved DVZ Shoutbox :: Quotes around username
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Within the DVZ shoutbox, you can click the user's avatar, and it prints out the @name of the user whose avatar you click, within the text box,

like, if you click an avatar, the action of clicking the avatar inputs the avatar user's name into the textbox,


clicked avatar= @Johhny

Now for the issue::

when you click a user's avatar, it now prints out [email protected]"Johnny"

there are now quotes "" around the user's name like "Johnny"

where as before, it was just the @Johnny

any clue what is goin on?
Hey man, what's up?
Not Solved
if user's name has special characters then quotes are added - not to general user names
file: dvz_shoutbox.js Lines: 501-511
 // enclose in quotes if needed
        if (username.match( /["'`\.:\[email protected]#$%^*!?()\[\]{}\s]+/g )) {

            var quotes = ['"', "'", '`'];

            for (var i in quotes) {
                if (username.indexOf(quotes[i]) == -1) {
                    appendix = quotes[i] + username + quotes[i];

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