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Not Solved Awards like this
Not Solved
I have seen it in many forums
for example.
they are using this pic
[Image: infinity.svg]
and become like this
[Image: l-OYD-SIGNATURE-Copy.png]
every award have different border
Not Solved
Apply a specific class to each award and then style it wit CSS.

Tho not specifically related, I searched the following threads that could provide you with insight:
Not Solved
Thats what i want,how to apply a specific to each award? Where?

I will check those links from my pc later

I tried to add this
<div class="cities"></div>
On award name and image but it didn't work

Still looking
Is there any tutorial for that?
Not Solved
Not Solved
I gave you a non specific nor detailed response for a non specific nor detailed inquiry.

As a advice I will recommend you to provide more information. I can think of at least two details that might be helpful for others to help:
  1. The plugin you are using (I can think of more than 1 out of my head).
  2. Which changes have you tried and where these changes have been applied.
Not Solved
Probably use this Plugin Created by Omar G.

And I remember there was a post where they talked about using Font awesome Icons as Awards I don't if it since been deleted??
Not Solved

But that is for an older version. Last version allows you to input an class directly.

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Not Solved
I want like nulled
check this profile`s award

they are using css for each award.
thats what i want to do.
i want to use css to edit each award different (border and background of each award)

i am using your award plugin.

i tried to add this at Image / Class
<span class="cssawards">AWARD IMAGE HERE</span>

but didnt work.
so where can i add this?
Not Solved
(2020-02-20, 08:34 AM)Mastersly Wrote: i tried to add this at Image / Class
<span class="cssawards">AWARD IMAGE HERE</span>

I don't think HTML tags to be valid CSS element values. Try adding span_class_cssawards_AWARD_IMAGE_HERE_span, then head to your global.css and add somethink like the following:
.span_class_cssawards_AWARD_IMAGE_HERE_span {
border: 10em red solid !important;
background: blue url('SOME_IMAGE_PATH') !important;

You might need to change SOME_IMAGE_PATH for a valid image url.

In my last image above the Template Type setting is set to Class Template so I'm guessing we are on the same path.
Not Solved
thanks for your reply but i did it and already made a tutorial about this
<-- removed unwarranted link -->

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