Need Appearing Scroll to Top Bottom
I use a theme that does not have this support. I use this plugin Appearing Scroll to Top Bottom and it works fine on other themes.

Now I wonder how to use the above plugin fixed with code?

Can any friendly member write down a good Appearing Scroll to Top Bottom.

The theme used is called Osmium - Modern MyBB Theme.

exactly which plugin you are using ? does it not appear on Osmium theme ?
I use the vintagedaddyo plugin called Appearing Scroll to Top Bottom. Now this member has removed his stuff from the website. But this plugin does not seem to have the support for this theme that is being used. I have reinstalled the plugin but it does not show up under the theme Osmium.
^ add below code in footer template of the theme & check if the plugin works
<span id="copyright"></span>
Oh, there it came. Many thanks again .m.

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