Not Solved Can't register on my forums - SQL Error 'thx'
Not Solved
When a guest tries to register an account it says:

"SQL Error: 1364 - Field 'thx' doesn't have a default value"

Another thread about this exact problem adviced to either set a value to the thx column in the mybb_users table or remove that colum. And that you could do both of those in the phpMyAdmin but they didn't tell how.

All that the _users table includes are the already successfully registered users.
Where and what do I need to do to make it so that guest users can register an account??

I don't even have the Thank You plug-in installed so I have no idea why it cares about the default value.

EDIT: Nevermind! I found out how.

But this solution is only if you don't want the Thank You/Like plugin at all.
All I had to do was drop all the thx columns from the users table in question.
It's easy. Just click the "SQL" tab and type into the field this syntax/command but with whatever table and column you have the problem with:

ALTER TABLE table_name DROP collumn_name;

In this case I dropped thx, thxxount and thxpost columns.
Just in case I also dropped the entire thx table too.

Now people can register again. Smile

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