Guests / Regular Members Taking down forum using MySQL
I run a fairly large forum, nearly 1,000,000 posts and approximately 2000 users online at any given time.

Starting today I have been the target of a massive attack that is taking down my forum by making the MySQL unusuable. 

I have nearly doubled the ram to 12GB but it gets used bu almost instantly and have now resorted to closing the board to guests with my VIP members still having access.

Any ideas what could cause high usage of MySQL using just Guest / Regular User accounts. As soon as my board goes back online, the ram shoots from ~5-6GB used to 12GB used taking my server offline immediately.
hi , i have see on internet that for your problem
You could limit the memory of the container itself, however it will only cause the error to occur sooner as less memory will be available. Do you know which one of your containers is consuming the majority of the memory?

if you have found how to solve the problem lets me know thanks you

check for time wait for resources using top command check for wa if there is some value then it means there is some issue with resources like hdd or ram might be your ssd or ram has slow read-write issues

may need to look into Nginx caching based on cookie. So when they are not logged in, it's cached.

Yeah, that will surely solve this issue.
MyBB does plenty of queries for guests. That's not abnormal forum software behavior.

Are you on a VPS? 12Gb is not a lot.

You mentioned this is an attack. You have no way to stop it?

What's the forum? I'll try to take a peek.

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