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i there,

I am from Germany and am looking for a capable programmer who would adapt a few plugins for me. I can also pay Gerna for it if desired.

I would like to have the Overview plugin expanded so that when posts are written, they should only be seen once. Not 2-3-4-5 -....- n to be seen.

Is there any other plugin known that you can use?
So you want to display posts once for each user? What happens when there are no new posts to see?
It's not really right. The articles are set up on the right side of the Overview Plugin. If now e.g. 5 posts written by 5 different users will be shown 5 times. I would like to see only the last post.
are you using overview plugin coded for MyBB 1.6.x ?

have you tried using a similar plugin ? [Top Stats | ProStats ..]

I'm looking for this plugin. The problem with the whole thing is that once the posts are answered one after the other you can see them on the right side several times. I would like to avoid that.
Have you already checked out this solution?
But the Overview Plugin is only for 1.6.x
if you like using a plugin coded for MyBB 1.6.x then you can try using it on MyBB 1.8.x by following this
=> changing the plugin compatibility
I am already using the plugin and have to say 1A!

Is it possible to rewrite the code so that I can deactivate certain forums?

                         WHERE ".TABLE_PREFIX." Posts.visible = '1' AND ".TABLE_PREFIX." Threads.lastpost <= ".TABLE_PREFIX." Posts.dateline AND ".TABLE_PREFIX." Posts.fid NOT IN ({$ overview_unviewable} 9999999)

9999999 -> ForenId

Something is wrong with the code, can someone help me?
^ are you sure that forum id is 9999999 ?

code around line 612 in the plugin file :
$overview_unviewwhere = "AND fid NOT IN ({$overview_unviewable})";

you can change it like this (x is forum id -- number) :
$overview_unviewwhere = "AND fid NOT IN ({$overview_unviewable},x)";

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