Not Solved change the emerald name is emerald theme
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I don't know how to change the emerald name and icon can someone help me?

this is dark emerald theme. I can't find the Html file to change it
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theme pack has a documentation.html file - that has the details
Quote:Logo Changing
First, go to your AdminCP,
then go to "Templates" page and select the templates group of the theme >> Header Templates >> header :

You'll find the HTML/CSS logo of the theme which is :
<i class="fa fa-diamond"></i> Emerald

replace that to : <img src="YOUR IMAGE LINK" />

To keep an HTML/CSS logo, change into any text, for example "Best Forums".

see also : MyBB Templates System related guidance
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I have been trying to change the icon, so far was able to do it but the icon overlaps the menu, any suggestions to create some space?

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