Not Solved [Error Message] 500 internal server error message after missing index.php
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My forums ( developed an issue where attempts to click any actual forum links would lead to a "missing index.php" error message. I hadn't done an upgrade in years, but I finally upgraded the forum to 1.822 and it did not resolve the issue. I then decided to deactive an SEO plugin (which is: SEO Links! by Asad Niazi, v. 1.0 Beta 9) I had to see if it was maybe that, which led to to a 500 internal server error. 

How do I fix these issues? Where do I start?

Thank you!
Not Solved
You should check relevant logs such as PHP error log, HTTP server log, etc. for anything that relates to the 500 internal error for detail.
Could be wrong but worth a try.
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