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I've been playing around with adding custom BBCode on my test forum (I might be migrating to myBB from SMF), but I'm having a hard time trying to replicate images floating next to text. The image will either be aligned with the text above and below it, or it will float around the text and also outside of the post into the signature.

Screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/3Z1BtA3.png

I've tried a few different code variations to no avail with my most recent attempt below:

<div style="float:right; padding:0 10px;" ><img src="$1"/></div>

Any help is most appreciated! Thank you in advance.  Heart
above given code worked for me on MyBB Stock Theme [see this image]
however you may change div to span

see also replies here => [Link]
Thanks for the suggestions, but those still cause the same problem for me.

I changed the signature around to show the image cutting into it better. Sorry if using the same image twice caused confusion: Link

Ideally, what I'd like it to do is stay within the parameters of the post similar to this: Link

Any code I've tried thus far results in the first link, where it bleeds into the signature and shoves whatever is in the signature to the opposite side. If I use the align code that comes with myBB then I get a line gap when I rather have the text float around it.
do you have online forum to check the issue .. can we have forum url ..
This is the specific post in the screenshots: https://dearsweetaru.net/test-mybb/showt...d=20#pid20
^ if I have not overlooked your requirement,
it is appearing as expected for me (tested with firefox & chrome - both desktop) [image]

Quote:it bleeds into the signature and shoves whatever is in the signature to the opposite side
have you tried hard refreshing browser or tried with another browser ?
I linked the wrong post, it's a bit above that one: https://dearsweetaru.net/test-mybb/showt...d=16#pid16

I've tested in Chrome, Firefox, and I.E. All of them have the same result where the Animus Pneuma crazy-haired girl image is pushing into the signature underneath the post.
I'm not sure what the rules are for bumping topics on here?

I need a means for the image to stay inside of the post area without navigating outside into the signature.

The image still breaks out of the post and into the signature no matter which browser I use. I've refreshed the browser, restarted my computer... I'm at a loss.

Post with the problem: https://dearsweetaru.net/test-mybb/showt...d=16#pid16

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