Random display of a useravatar and profilefield
Hey folks!

Maybe I'm blind. I hope not. Couldn't find it, that's why I'm asking...

There is the possibility of displaying a random thread, a random post, etc. pp., but what I'm looking for is the random display of avatars and profile fields on index (more like the index_boardstats template). 

If all users did not upload their avatars but link to them, there should be url entries in the mysql database. Those entries and the entries of a profilefield every user has to fill... I want to show them on index like this:

[random avatar] [random profilefield-entry]

(random avatar would be managable with urls, coding something like img src="{$randomurl}", right?)

There should be a random avatar and profilefield-entry shown with every refresh of the index-page, but both - the avatar and the profilefield - should always be from the same user! Like, refreshing once it displays both from uid=536, refreshing again it shows both from uid=12, and so on and so on...

I'm totally lost because I couldn't find anything for a base, nothing that's somehow similar or a good first idea for this, because this shouldn't be a whole new page but a small passage on index... could anyone help me? (didn't code for a year now, I'm probably absolutely outdated and that's why I'm derping real hard here and have no clue where to begin or what to do.)

Would appreciate your help a lot! Thank you so much!
- Riley

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