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[Services Offer] Seeking Admin or Moderation job
Hello everyone I am interested in being an Admin or Moderator position available on your forum. 

My Services at the moment I am willing to work for Free or Paid $$.

Past Work: PromotionSea- Moderator, Administrator, ForumLife- Administrator, DPWSMedia - Moderator

Currently Working: GamingLatest (Management/Administrator), ForumPromotion Moderator, Webmaster Discord Server Admin

Contact: Via PM or Discord  Foodie#6072

Reference: Demon_Skeith (Gaming Latest Owner) , lämmchen (Moderator Team Leader) 

Others: If selected please contact me via PM or Discord Thank you for reading.
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Think of this like you're applying for a job. Why should I hire you over the hundreds of others I could potentially choose to assist in the moderation of a board? What makes you passionate about any of the topics that you've chosen?
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Do you have any coding experience?
(2020-05-19, 02:37 AM)AntDev Wrote: Do you have any coding experience?
I know a bit HTML and CSS codes following MyBB tutorials but not like a Pro Developer sorry.

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