An idea for a moderating plug-in.
Have any of you seen the shows "Survivor" or "Utopia"?  I was thinking it would be cool to have a plug-in called "The Island Moderator" plug-in.

How it might work:  You would have a small little "vote user off the island" button/icon under each post.  If the community of members believes that this post violates the rules of the forum, each member can vote to have this person put into timeout.  If the user in alleged violation receives a specified number of votes, moderators are notified and vote whether to place the user in timeout or veto, based on the whether the user did or did not violate the forum rules.  If a specific number of moderators vote one way or the other, then the individual is banished for a pre-defined number of hours/days.

An example might be that the rules state that no user shall name-call.  A user gets in a heated debate with another user and says that what the other user has specifically argued is an idiotic statement.  Some members of the community interpret that this person called the other person an idiot, and enough hit the "vote user off the island" button.  Moderators are notified of the situation and determine that the person did not call this person an idiot, but rather, the the user was commentating on the statement, not the user himself, and thus is not a violation of the rules.  So it is a non-violation and the user gets to remain on the island for another day : )

I understand that this could get a little tribal and could turn ugly (misusing the banish button could also be a violation of the rules pre-set in place and moderators could then put repeat offenders in timeout), but in the right community, it could be fun too.  You could hide immunity idols on the forum or rewarded an idol to members randomly or who have not had a violation in a specified number of days.  An immunity idol could give the user an extra moderator vote if, say the user believes he is in the right.  The idols could be transferred between members maybe as well.

Just an idea.  I'm not a coder, but if anyone wants to play around with it, I'd plug it into my forum and see what happens : )

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