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Not Solved Install Language in acp
Not Solved
Hello there.

I got downloaded the danish translation and installed it. In the first language .php file is the line like this:

// Sets if the translation includes the Admin CP (1 = yes, 0 = no)

$langinfo['admin'] = 1;

The language work fine in the forum, but it is not translated for the ACP, what i also want.

But when i translate it in Languages ->Dansk -> edit with english ->Admin CP, there is nothing to work. Its still English. And not Danish (Dansk).

Home-> Preferences->Admin Control Panel Language is also set to Dansk but still not work.

What to do?
Not Solved
Did you upload the complete files?
Not Solved
language files folder & individual files should be writable.
check file permissions. folder is supposed to be CHMOD 777
but regular 775 should work. files can be of CHMOD 666 / 664

it it is confusing or if direct help required then
you may PM me temporary access to your forum admin panel & ftp

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