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Problem with DVZ Shoutbox
Hi, I have a problem with DVZ Shoutbox... Recently I changed my theme in Revolution Gaming ,and I want to install the DVZ shoutbox just like the other theme..! The thing is that I did everything right but, all the chat is bug-ing and spread over the forum! Before the first theme went perfectly! But the theme revolution gaming does not work!
What i can do??
U know antoher shoutbox like that?
I'm assuming you placed the dvz shoutbox variable somewhere in your templates? Which template did you put it in?

When you install a plugin like this they usually make modifications to the templates. Did you install this theme after you installed your plugin? If so, make sure the templates for Revolution Gaming contain the necessary edits. You could uninstall DVZ Shoutbox and install it again or do it manually. Also, the plugin page says to include it's CSS in your theme CSS files. Have you done this?
Hello, yep. I ve reinstalled ,replaced correctly..I said, at first template, this plugin worked fine.Then i removed old template and placed the revolution gaming ,and installed on the new template and my shoutbox split on the forumus, messages are bigest and cover first forum s bugging..
provide forum url [and a test user account if guests can't view shoutbox]
It sounds like the template modifications are correct, but there is an issue with the CSS somewhere. Is the "shoutbox.css" file present in the theme's CSS (as @NickGHQ mentioned)? It sounds quite a bit like an issue related to this.

This has to be done for each individual theme IIRC.
Hello , i removed from index template !If u want to give u link with the forum PM me to activate the shoutbox because i have members but it's not ok to from now because will disturbing my members!When u want to see how it's showing pm or reply here!Or tell me another shoutbox!
Sorry for my bad english!

Have a nice day!
Quote:... because will disturbing my members!
this plugin can use group permissions.
you may PM me temporary admin account to check it

Quote:Or tell me another shoutbox!
this is the freely available shoutbox plugin which is
expected to work fine with recent versions of MyBB ..
.m. i sent u an PM ! Please reply me !

m. i sent u an PM ! Please reply me !

I cannot acces the links who u gave to me

I cannot acces your links, sorry for spam here
Quote:I cannot acces your links
not sure, which links you are referring to.

anyway, dvz shoutbox issue was related to cache
& I understand that it is already fixed for you.

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