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Not Solved Underlined text everywhere
Not Solved
For some reason all the text is now underlined. Because a lot of the members had trouble reading on the dark style forum I changed the theme to a light one (Focus Responsive) . It may not be related or I may have accidentally triggered something in that process. Is there a way to make all the text plain and no underline (except any that had it when originally posted) ? See here:
Also why the different endings on the end above?

Fixed it when I went back to default theme.
Not Solved
I can't really check the first issue since you reverted the theme (but perhaps a <u> tag after <body>?), but as for your second question, one is just the index page, and the second one is displaying the only forum on your board without anything else, hence the forum name is displayed on the top. It's like a navigation of sorts.
Let's be nice Smile
Not Solved
edit: posted before seeing mTurtle 's reply

while modifying something, there was a underline code somewhere <u>
may be it was added in a plugin's configuration. or in a navigation template

if you need direct help for it, I can have a look ..

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