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Like a lot of new users of MyBB, I explored the function of the Hello World plugin and decided it is not something I will nee for my forum.

I have deactivated and uninstalled the plugin... and I still get this message on my forum index.

Quote:Hello World!

This is a sample NewPoints plugin that displays this message on all pages. As you can see, it works just like MyBB plugins do.

I have explored my templates to see where this is coming from. And since I uninstalled the plugin, I decided to delete hello.php from my root folder... but the message will not go away and it's really beginning to frustrate me because I don't believe I am that blind. I have looked via Google for a solution to this problem, and so far, I can't found it.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I am running MyBB version 1.8.22.
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newpoints section in forum admin panel should be showing another hello plugin related to newpoints.
you have to deactivate & uninstall it.

related files :

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