Not Solved Automatically get info of user's browser language, display forum in other language?
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Hi I run a forum that both English people and Japanese people connects. How can I do this?
I only want forum title and description to be shown in other languages which I set.
I run latest version of mybb.
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If you want the forum index automatically detect the language, then you need to change the core PHP code and add queries to
1. override the default language or
2. send a form with the other language (like the behaviour of language drop down)

You can use PHP server variables or functions to detect browser language:

You can also use JavaScript to detect browser language, e.g.
<script type="text/javascript">
var clientLang = navigator.language || navigator.userLanguage; 

Another alternate is a pre-loading landing page with two buttons to choose English or Japanese - or a send a form with language values and redirect to the forum index site.

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