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I very briefly mentioned this in a recent post, but wanted to create a thread to further expand upon the idea.

One of the ways we're looking at trying to draw more contributors into MyBB is to adopt a recommended bounty platform. The idea behind this is simple: issues and feature requests will still be tracked in the current way via GitHub, but users (including team members) will be able to pledge monetary bounties for issues they feel is of particular importance. Multiple users can pledge bounties, adding money to the pot. Developers - from either within the team or from within the community - may then adopt the issue and begin work on it. The developer who resolves the issue claims the bounty at the end.

This is still very much in the discussion phase and we'd welcome any feedback or comments on the idea. One of the things that we're struggling with is a lack of core contributors and we're looking to find ways to improve that situation. Monetary incentives have been mentioned several times over the years and this could be a step towards that.

One of the things to discuss is the platform that would be used. Ideally, we'd recommend usage of a single platform to collect bounties rather than spreading them across multiple platforms and introducing more confusion into the mix. One of the best known platforms to my knowledge is Bountysource, and I currently have a request open with them to claim the existing MyBB team on there so that we can gain ownership and management of the team. I don't personally have any experience using any platform like this either as a contributor or as a bounty provider - if anybody does, I'd love to hear their thoughts.

I found the following site:

Though Bountysource seems good enough at least compared.
(2020-04-06, 02:20 AM)Omar G. Wrote: I found the following site:

Though Bountysource seems good enough at least compared.
I hadn't found that one during my search, but good to know there are alternatives out there!

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