Admin Private Password
very nice. If when you do make a recovery for the password, could you be able to make it so that it sends you an automatically generated page via your email then you have to click a link sent to that email of which will let you change it? It's more so like the authorization process that some boards use when you register at their forums.
I might make it so that when you request your password be changed, it will reset the admin password. That way it should be safe. It's also the easiest thing I think Wink
Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_VARIABLE or '$' in /home/rpsgamer/public_html/forums/admin/users.php on line 254

on line 254:


EDIT: had to change the above code to if(trim($password2)) and it seems to work.
sorry about that.... I'll change it slightly.
If you change that if statement to

$password2 = trim($password2);

That should work as expected.
any difference from the two? I was able to change the password from the admin cp and it worked...only would let me log in via that password i changed to.
Well trim will return the string without whitespace. So I think it might return 'true' no matter what. It needs to be evaluated to empty, or you might mistakenly enter a space and wonder what your private password is... or just not enter a space as a password =/

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