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[New Feature] Forums/Subforums into Horizontal Lines via DIscuz
I've seen a lot of threads of forums displaying as horizontal (normal) rows or vertical columns but not like the one that I have in mind. There is one feature that Discuz and maybe vB or Xenforo has (I only have Discuz) that does it a LOT better

[Image: one.jpg]
The first pic shows in it's admin CP the number of forums inside of one category displayed in the main site; clicking on the category will also display them as horizontal boxes.

[Image: two.jpg]
The second pic shows one category with three forums with their icons next to them and one category with six. I dunno which php file on discuz does this, as I only worked on the test forum for one day.

I dunno if this place has similar like this, only one I can come up with was this but that looks like it affects every category and not just ones you select + only two forums per row
Okay, so I wound up doing method, but see how the look of it is kinda bland 
[Image: mybb.png]
I want for each category the forum boxes to be equally leveled as I don't want this excess gray stuff showing. In fact, the look should be similar to in my first post. Also, this gray box inside each of the forums, which I don't know if it's a status icon, which I have gotten rid of in the .css because I want forum icons to replace in (tried both plug-ins this place has to offer and test it in one of the forums, none of them worked). I know that inspecting it on Chrome and clicking the <span class="float_right forum_status forum_off ajax_mark_read" title="Forum Contains No New Posts" id="mark_read_6"><i class="fa fa-quote-right"></i></span> and taking height and width off got rid of it, but when I attempt the same thing in the forumbit template and save, the boxes are still there. How can I get rid of them?
You can also consider this method and adapt to your needs:

Today I would never prefer a <table> design, when there is a responsive solution available Smile

[Image: logo_wernicke_8040.png]
MyBB Forum + innovative full-responsive Theme
I don't know if it was meant for the first problem or the gray box inside the white, because I already somehow found a way to fix that and now I can use forum icons with no problem.

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