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I would like starting to use MyBB, and the installation docs tells it is required to have a web host. I already have an account on, which includes web hosting + website builder + domain name (extra cost).

Is it possible to use MyBB on my account at It seems unnecessary to buy an account on another web hosting company to use MyBB, when I already have an account on a web host.
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I don't think you can host your own web application on
They don't give you any ftp access neither to a MySQL or pgsql database.
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I don't think so, you can contact them if you like and ask their support staff.
There are tons of hosting companies such as a2hosting tand you can use their basic plan for hosting your forums.

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As mentioned previously only allows for their applications to be hosted. If you're looking for a paid host I would recommend Siteground, OVH, Digital Ocean, or Namecheap to list a few.

However, if you would prefer something free I'd recommend LecterHost as it's free, reliable, and meets all of the requirements you're looking for. If you'd like more info on it please feel free to PM me!
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I'd recommend checking our Web Hosting Discussions 2.0 mega thread full of suggestions, which a lot of members have contributed to over the years.

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