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Hello all,

We've been experiencing a new issue lately. If we perform our regular maintenance, we get a SQL and I have to go into PHPAdmin and repair one of the tables.

Specifically, if we optimize the database tables, we get the error. It happens every time now.

I noticed that the table "mybb_posts" says "in use" whenever this happens. If I check that table, then "Repair" from the drop down, it fixes the issue.

[Image: eo5J0ow.png]

We haven't done any routine maintenance for awhile now since it will crash the forum every time we try to optimize the database.

Any idea what may be going on or what has happened to cause the issue?

URL: Beyond The Fringe Forum

Thank you!
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which storage engine is used for the database tables ?
if not using InnoDB then try to use it for major/all tables

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