Solved: 1 Year, 7 Months, 1 Week ago Mails not sent to gmail accounts
Solved: 1 Year, 7 Months, 1 Week ago

I'm having a problem with mail handling in my forum.

Until april 14, users with mails ending in where receiving mails properly. Now they don't receive any (mass mail, activation mails, or notification mails). Other users are ok, and my mail's configuration is set to php. The only plausible theory I've found is related to this outside topic, but I don't understand why it is a problem now and not before. 

If it is something related to that, I'm seeking in this forum options to avoid the use of .php. If not, maybe there is another solution that some of you may have done before.

At first I thought it was a problem with new users trying to activate their accounts, or resetting passwords, but at the end I noticed this relation between @gmail accounts.

Thank you all in advance.
Solved: 1 Year, 7 Months, 1 Week ago
This could be that your server IP has been blacklisted by Google's servers. You can try switching to SMTP to see if that resolves your issue. See the related docs guidance -

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Solved: 1 Year, 7 Months, 1 Week ago
Finally I did that, configured my smtp and followed some guidance of google suite as in the link I sent before, and now it's working. The php issue was really annoying, and now everything is fine.

Thanks for your help!

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