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[For 1.8] OUGC Custom Promotion Field
(2020-04-25, 10:06 PM)Omar G. Wrote: Thank you @WallBB.

(2020-04-25, 12:22 PM)8guawong Wrote: haven't tried it yet but i have one question if i already already have set group promotion by posts
say 100 post you become an expert and if i use this plugin and set group promotion by reputations
say +5 rep you become a veteran

what will it happen if user have +5 rep and more than 100 posts?

I don't understand your inquiry as promotion by reputation is a default feature that doesn't require plugins.

This plugin is meant to be used to promote users based on fields that aren't supported by default or by plugins.

You can see one example to promote users based on their last post date in the following page:

The plugin was coded specially for that field (users table and lastpost column) but you can try to figure others out.

hi i've installed the plugin and i know how it works now
good plugin Smile

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