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Not Solved MySupport Plugin not working.
Not Solved
Hi, i recently installed the MySupport Plugin in my forum, 

It seems to install fine and all the configurations are there, but all the funcionality is not there. Just does not show up at all, No mark as best answer, no solved on unsolved images, nothing.

I did every step mentioned in the read me file.

Plus i am using this with the Alpha Gaming Theme, don't know if that could be the issue, or if i need to change something in other settings of the theme.

Also i found an "updated version" on github,

i tried that one also but, that one does not even installed. I opened a new issue there also.
Not Solved
Umm, while this plugin has not been officially updated and many folks have asked for it to be updated by the author in various posts you may find via searching the forum here, the author has stated he will update it at a time of his choosing, ok now in saying that I did back in 1807 provide a theme based workaround found here and in several other related postings  for users posted here trying to install it on 1.8 but that was back in 1807 and that theme would need to be updated to work currently but could be installed ignoring version compat and used as a reference to copy inserts over into your existing theme with the plugin provided in that package from back then and if that sounds too tedious oh, also there is this which you can use as is to install in 1.8 without a need for a theme workaround here as that is the plugin only simply edited to install in 1.8. Ok, now the version provided recently by exploitmaker you mentioned: correct does not install in 1.8 as is the same with the 0.4 version as they would need to be modified to install correctly and until matt updates, that is not happening though he has stated at some point he will push an official update and has stated such for a few years so we can all keep waiting for that. Also note that omar g is working on an update too as of late that he has mentioned here recently and that is the develop tree repo you just linked in your post and you are correct that it does not install the frontend currently but is still being developed so perhaps that will come soon and my lil edited version to install on 1.8 as well as the old 1807 theme workaround pkg as well will no longer be needed as the only working options for 1.8 as I know many of us have been looking forward to an official update for a long time. Anyhoo, hopefully that explains a few things and best of luck to you.

[Image: Screenshot-20200512-155337-Firefox.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-20200512-155341-Firefox.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-20200512-155353-Firefox.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-20200512-155407-Firefox.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-20200512-155421-Firefox.jpg]

* also note: more current screens can be found at:

and the repo dir is at: with latest variant zip file being found at: * it slightly different than the initial share only in the fact that I removed some button displays simply as it is more efficient without them in my opinion. Anyhoo, while not every issue has been addressed in the quick edits due to say my free time constraints, it does install and work on 1.8.

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