Hi all,

Please can you leave any requests below that you would like us to include on the Official Documentation? We will try to cover as many requests as possible.

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These topics would be really good if they have in-depth guides:
- Group Promotions
- Thread Prefixes
- Spam Prevention official guide

Most of the above topics are often missed by new MyBB forum administrators.
- MyBB Heart
I posted it in the german community (

Either the users write in here themselves or I will collect ideas.

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- Specific steps for implementing Content Security Policy (CSP)
Manual for forum admins

It should be extremely helpful to forum admins, especially those new to MyBB. Besides, core modules at the AdminCP area could leverage such advantage by linking a ? to a dedicated help page for each setting / option.

I know docs for 1.6 (EOL) have it.

Development guidelines for core/plugin/theme developers

Haven't got a complete thought about what the guidelines would cover, but what already resides in my brain is:
  • For core developers:
    • Program logics/workflows that one should obey, including but not limiting to:
      • how MyBB handles a request like first load XXX, then create MyBB/DB/template/cache/plugin/etc. instances, then load db/cache/etc..
      • a specific user's permissions/settings are inherited from their primary/additional/display user group(s); a user's permissions in a specific forum are calculated by first fetching the user's permissions then overriding by forum's specified..
  • For plugin developers:
    • Recommended implementation / Best-practice: for example don't cache volatile variables or implement a feasible cache reloading mechanism; don't break program workflows; use internal data handlers for security / compatible concerns; etc.
  • For theme developers:
    • ...
Could be wrong but worth a try.
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I would like documentation how to disable the non-essential parts of the forumsofware as administrator:
Better still: a separate settings page in the ACP to do this.

- no avatars
- no reputation system
- no member titles
- no signatures
- no friendslist
- no ignorelist
- no promotion system
- no warning system
- no portal
- no agendas
- no birthdays
- no poll system
- no videos
- no Youtube
- no ICQ
- no Skype
- no Hangout
- no jump to forum
- no memberlist
- no statistics
- no whoisonline
- no permissions
- no away/present messages

- no posticons
- no custom PM-folders
- no multiple 'read' options
- no mass mailings
- no group'leaders'
- only 1 display option: linear
- no redirect page

- no date/time options in UCP
Some of these features already have settings to turn them off, so I doubt your request will be delivered completely.
May I refer you to the first post in this thread ?

Quote:Please can you leave any requests below that you would like us to include on the Official Documentation? We will try to cover as many requests as possible.

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