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I am going to release a newer version of my home site, and I installed MyBB 1.8.22 on the old and all went well, but after trying to change templates the index.php is now comming up as start site, instead of my regular index.htm. What can I do to avoide this?
I am going to make a link in my homesite to the forum, so maybe I can move all the files to another folder?
I can also delete all, because it's not active yet. And then install in a separate folder, if that is possible With a New installation.

Thank you  Smile
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assuming that you are using Apache server , try adding below to .htaccess file
DirectoryIndex index.htm index.php

note : file name is .htaccess [dot at beginning]
it can be created by using ftp client like filezilla or by using file manager at web host panel
.htaccess file should be at the main folder of your forum
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If you're using nginx, just remove the index.php or change the index order for your host / location:
index index.htm;
index index.htm index.php;
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I only have the files in the picture and they have got the same date as when I installed MyBB. Blush    

Been Reading sites like this, did not help, I am realy trying …….
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^ you can create a new file with name .htaccess & add suggested code, save & check it
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(2020-05-11, 03:42 PM).m. Wrote: ^ you can create a new file with name .htaccess & add suggested code, save & check it

Thank you for all your help.

The host firm called it a security error having these index files together, so I deleted the installation and installed MyBB in a separate folder, I had not used it, so it was easy.

Thank you Smile

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