Not Solved The connection was reset Error on install
Not Solved
Hi, first off, I have to preface this by saying I have never tried to install a site before. So if we could keep the technical gargon to a minimum it would be super helpful!

Tried to install mybb 1.8.22 to a namecheap hosted website.
Did not use the instant install option given by Namecheap (read that was a no-no).
Followed the instructions provided on this website.
Used Filezilla to upload the contents of the Upload folder in it's entirety.
Because of Filezilla I am assuming that the files were place in the root folder (so no need to add /forum).
Changed permissions of the files listed in the a fore mentioned doc.
When trying to reach the domain/install file only able to get a "The connection was reset error."

If you need any more information I'll be happy to give. As I said, i really don't know what I'm doing lol
Not Solved
assuming that you have a stable network connection, can you try using another web browser & check ..

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