Not Solved After update, home page works, every link shows mybb installation wizard
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i have no clue what happened

some time ago i thought i had updated to 1.8.22 but we moved and things are a bit hectic so who knows
anyway i havent been on the site in a couple months, nothing has changed EXCEPT we were migrated to a new ip some time ago.  not a new server, just a new ip.

anyway, i log in today, it says the forum is locked.  go to the admin page, asks to update the db; i thought i did that when i updated but perhaps i got distracted, idk it was a month or more ago (why didnt anyone notice until now?  who knows)

so i selected 1.8.21, basically guessing which version we had before (i backed up the db before this however, so i can restore it if necessary)

seems to work, now the home page works fine, the admin pages work fine.
except when i click on any thread on the home page, it goes back to the mybb installation wizard

could this be caused because of the update wizard not being set to the proper/prior version?  or something else.

thanks for any help

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Weird. Did you definitely run the upgrade script?

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i did, concerned i may have guessed wrong on the prior version since there was no way to tell (and i forgot what it was)
could that have done it? if so i can reload the backup db and just keep trying prior script db versions to see if that fixes it
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more testing; the main page works, but every thing you click on takes you to the installation script page.
if you remove the lock file and go to the mybb/install folder it says mybb is already installed and invites you to upgrade the db

i have no clue where to go from here. i can log into the admin cp, see the home page, but nothing else

any ideas?
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do you have .htaccess file - if so, rename it as htaccess19may.txt

if there is no .htaccess file or renaming it doesn't help then
you may PM me your login credentials to forum admin panel & files

note: I'll be online for about 15 minutes from now
I can check back tomorrow

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