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[For 1.8] jQuery Color Picker
[Image: cover_preview_25096_1589607854_3e71ed4d7...5879ee.png]

Allow your users to select custom colors to adapt the theme display.

Download from the MyBB Extend page.

Check the official page for more information.
Great! Thank you!

One idea - add a language phrase for "Save" and add "revert to default color" into the color picker (no need to jump into UCP and reset).
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"Save" seems to be in a image, so you can change it in the CSS without editing the files.

Because of this I can't think of an easy way to do it because the class is also hardcoded in the JS file. I suppose you can use some tricks using something like OUGC Custom Language to load specific CSS code based on language adding an language string in the footer.
To see how selected color work, we have to press SAVE button. That is ok but Is it possible that moving scroller for color will change color at same time so user can save their eye adapting color for board.
Hope you understand.
It should be possible, yes. However that isn’t a priority at the moment.
Hello sir, where can i change the theme colour, i can't find the url for it. And no option on the user CP.
Make sure all of the following template changes were applied:

It might be confusing at glance but I'm sure it is easy to figure out.

Also, I'd suggest you try all plugins in a fresh install to learn how any and all plugins are supposed to work before installing in your live board.

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