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So, I have installed Dark Emerald theme and I wanted to customize it a little... Changing templates works perfectly since I changed the default logo, but stylesheets are bugged. 

For an example,I want to change color of certain selectors which I can do by changing hex from global stylesheet or make new stylesheet and group certain selectors that I want to change... However, any change I want make doesn't apply or it break everything, checked it from different browser plus incognito so it doesn't have to do anything with cache, and other users couldn't see any changes as well. I also have people who has the same problem, I don't know if it is because of Dark Emerald theme or because there is something with MyBB itself.

In order to apply changes to the stylesheets successfully, I have to;

1. export the theme to .xml format,

2. delete current theme I want to change on MyBB (the one that is in use)

3. make back up on MyBB, 

4. make copy of exported .xml so I have back up of earlier versions, 

5. copy/paste css code from stylesheet I want to change/modify to something like Adobe dreamweaver  in order to see the changes I make, 

6. when I like the changes, apply those changes to exported .xml theme file I want to modify

7. Upload that .xml theme file again and set it as default

After all this I can make the changes I want, (for example change the color). This process is very frustrating so I want to ask the community if there is a solution for this and what's the actual problem.

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there can be server based cache ! can we have your forum url ..
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It's not server based cache... I've deleted it and I still don't see changes... You can also use incognito since it ignores server based cache, however I still don't see changes.

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