Unactivated User Messaging
I have a closed MyBB where everyone needs to register and then get activated by admins to prevent idiots joining.

I've started getting these people joining now and although they can't contribute directly on the system until activated they are sending messages.

They are appearing in the Registered group which is where everyone goes once registered but can they be prevented from messaging?

Or do new users need to get put into this group and have messaging disabled as well then the properly activated users get moved into their own group where messaging is allowed?

That could be a bit of a faff but would work.

Any suggestions gratefully received.
Quote:... do new users need to get put into this group ...
yes, after activation users are put into registered group.

as you said, remove PM privileges for the registered group
use group promotions to move them to the privileged group.

related guidance for a different purpose :
group promotions to restrict forum access
That is really great thanks.

I will leave that group totally locked down then and promote my clients to the properly live group.

This really is a fantastic piece of software and thanks for the support as well which is brilliant - the couple of questions I have had have been cleared up immediately.

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