Modification in Shop plugins Newpoints
Hey community, 

I'd like to know if anyone can edit a Newpoints plugin: "Shop"


I use the plugins shop 1.9.4 and I would like to know if there is a possibility to make one or 2 simplistic improvements in this plugins. I would like to make the items purchased in the shop usable by the user who bought them. The item will appear next to the user's nickname anywhere on the forum.

Like this :
[Image: ff2764b827cb4b2c810b9791cb839e96.png]
[Image: 4aa35483536ba6ba45c5034d5e083f25.png]

In the MyItems page which is already created it is necessary to make a modification so that the user can use his Items to put them next to his nickname everywhere on the Forum.
So, the user will have a button in his MyItems page (eg: Set) to be able to put his items
This would require heavy modifications or code additions.
(2020-06-07, 11:20 AM)Omar G. Wrote: This would require heavy modifications or code additions.
Np I found someone who's paying for it.
If you are looking for paid requests you might have better chances in the Requests / Services / Jobs forum.

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