Not Solved [Performance] How to cache images in certian directory?
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I have seperated image for every forum, and loading time is increased because of that.
All my images (icons) for those forums are stored in directory called "forum_icons". 
How can I cache that directory via cloudflare (or any other possible and better way) for like 1 month so my users don't need to wait over and over for images to load?
PS: I am already using cloudflare.
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you'll have to create a "rule" to let Cloudflare cache all the images in your "forum_icons" folder.

Check their how-to:
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For anyone looking to do the same thing on their own server without CloudFlare, there's a pretty good guide here on doing it through your .htaccess file.
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you can use mod_pagespeed it's a webserver level cache with support for memcached resize photos and lots more

nginx with mod_pagespeed :
mod_pagespeed for apache :

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