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[Services Request] Looking for Professional Theme Designer / Further Supporter
(2020-05-24, 01:29 PM)Anony Wrote: Hello dear community, i'm looking designer for my new theme.

- no javascript
- Everything must be run in local (Latest Fonts / Latest FA-Icons or different icons)
- Codes must be clear for further editing maybe i need to change something later if i cant access you
- Consept will be based on hacking/cyber security platform.

Please check there : at the bottom of the page there is themes section. chose FLINE
It doesnt need to be same 1:1 like that theme. We can build better/different theme like that view.
And their fonts are awesome in linux too. we can use it whatever they use
after the logo part i need anouncement panel
This time i need to fully modern/clear icons on everywhere
I prefer CSS / HTML based icons
If possible CSS user ranks.

For payment only BITCOINS.

For that process i need an estimated time of finish. And what's cost will be ?

I have 10 days for it.


- I will ask for paid further supporting.

I hope this community is not dead.

My looking is still up.

I'd Glad to assist you.
PM Sent, Please Check.

Very Best Regards
Carter W

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